I focus on the evolving relationship between machine vision, narrative, and embodied labor. My dissertation, completed in 2017, was titled: “The Iterative Frame: Algorithmic Video Editing, Participant Observation, and the Black Box."  Later fellowship work at the University of Lüneburg’s Center of Digital Cultures (DCRL), focused on evolving technologies of image production (e.g. motion capture and deep compositing), and how these protocols project themselves forward in time, on to bodies. In each case, the act of moving image production, with a human-in-the-loop, is taken as a microcosm of larger shifts in HCI and labor.

I have taught across many departments including, Media Studies, Studio Art, Art History and Film Studies.

Fellowship: Digital Cultures Research Lab, University of Lüneburg

Dissertation: Oxford University Research Archive (ORA)

Interview: https://vimeo.com/244136108

robert.rapoport {at} gmail (dot) com.
rapoport {at} leuphana (dot) de