Deep Compositing (2016-17)

Published April 2017: Oxford Artistic and Practice Based Research Platform

This film explores the process of image compositing in order to think critically about augmented reality (AR) and performance. Two actors in a garden attempt to wrest narrative from chromatic-screens that begin to colonise the environment. While the screens respond to the felt world—natural light and wind—they also are subject to a seemingly predictive will to composite, in which they cue images in response to the performers. These composited forms of wind and code offer a parody of so many augmented realities to come in which narrative must compete with the predictive analytics. Mieke Bal defines narrative as, "a series of connected events caused or experienced by actors.”[1] This causal relationship breaks down in a composited environment, threatening to create an increasingly modular sense of both movement and time. As the images loop they ask the actors to embody the ‘site’ of the composite, and find a narrative therein.

[1] Mieke Bal, Naratology: Introduction to the Theory of Narrative (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1985): 8

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