Excerpt of "Ohne Das Haus", HD, 47 min, (2008-9)

The Schimmelfenghaus sat at the northern end of Breitscheidplatz, between the jagged steeple of the Gedenkniskirche and Bahnhof Zoo. The film was shot on its top floor in the two weeks before it was demolished to make way for the Zoofenster (eventual home of the Waldorf-Astoria), slated to be the tallest building in Berlin.

The script imagines the building’s final inhabitant – an architect, Ralf, who turned his office into his home, refusing to sign it over to developers. Ralf frames and is framed by this threshold and thus takes on something of the stylite – elevated by his withdrawal. Ralf finds, as many stylites did, it is possible to arrive by standing still.  While his days are filled with bureaucratic refusal, in the mode of Barnaby, at night he is visited by a talkshow host, Chucky Steinhaus, who inverts the events of the day. 

Hannes Hellmann – Ralf; Rainer Strecker – Leo; Maike Möller – Maren; Bernd Grawert – Chucky Steinhaus; Elisabeth Hofmann – Bess

Robert Rapoport – Regisseur ; Maurice Wilkerling – Kameramann; Jonas Römmig – Second Unit Kamera; Konstantin Wolkenstein – Second Unit Kamera; Isabella Poosch – Produktion; Peter Hofknecht – Filmtonmeister;